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Bob Balhorn, CAE - Association & Public Affairs Consultant
Bob Balhorn - 501-607-4361 -
Bob Balhorn, CAE - Association & Public Affairs Consultant

Bob is a former CEO of the South Dakota Association of Realtors and the Arkansas Association of Realtors. He was in the real estate business for 20 years. He represents AAREI with the Arkansas State Legislature and the Home Inspector Board. He monitors the activities s of the Arkansas Home Inspector Board to keep the Association informed of any new rules and regulations. He also monitors the legislature to see if there are any new laws that might affect the AARIE Members. He tries to defeat any bad legislation and help to pass all good legislation that pertains to the home inspectors. 

Please click here to see list of Arkansas Representatives and Senators in your district.

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Arkansa State Capitol Building


Thanks to all you Home Inspectors who responded to the AAREI “Call to Action” in March to defeat both legislative bills that would have allowed anyone to claim they were professionals in their fields, including home inspectors, to do business and collect fees without having a State of Arkansas License.  We were able to bottle up both bills in committee due to the intense lobbying by your efforts and our coalition partners through the State Chamber of Commerce.  This demonstrates strength of numbers when dealing with the Arkansas Legislature.  We also had Members who were on call to testify to the damage to the public that passage of either bill would have fostered. (See my blog for more details)

Bob Balhorn
AAREI Lobbyist

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